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Point of Food


Classic Pizza Dough

Our dough is produced in our own production site with high quality ingredients and in different sizes.

Pizza Dough Cash & Carry

We offer our dough pre packed in practical bags for Cash & Carry Shops.

Pizza Dough Puro

Probably the most original version of pizza dough!

Pizza Dough Premium

Our premium dough contains poolish that got an extra amount of time to proof.


Crisp is a finely grated type of semolina that is used during rolling out pizza dough.

High-Protein Dough

For everyone who follows a low-carb diet our high-protein dough is a good alternative to classic pizza dough.

Spelt Dough

Spelt is an ancient grain that contains more vitamins and minerals than cultivated wheat.

Whole Grain Dough

Wholegrain flour is less processed than white wheat flour.

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